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Fuck Yeah Im Confused

This is a blog.Where no one is judged.Where you are free to say anything that you want.Where people are here.To just help you.Your voice is heard.And its as loud as you want it to be.People are here to help you.And no one but you.Post anything that you want.Have it be anon.Say your name.Whatever you want.But this blog.Is for YOU.And to help no one but YOU.Please send to the submit box or the ask box.Submit isnt anon so if you want anon posts please send it to the ask box and i just wont say anything back.And submit is for any writing or pictures or just anything you feel like sharing that day.Poetry.A letter.Whatever you want.Let this place be your personal serenity. Help me embark on this journey to save people. As for me? thats a secret i'll never tell. XoXo, Confused Secrets
Dec 16 '13

No messages lately?

No one needs advice!

Swear I’m always here!!!



Dec 13 '13


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Dec 13 '13

Anonymous asked:

I'm confused. I'm kinda scared. I mean, it's not bad. I think I might be overdramatic. See, I'm in love. Madly. Sure, I'm just a freshman, but the way we talk, the way he looks at me, I know he loves me too. We've been dating for 2months, but i think he wants more. He's put his hand up my shirt. Grabbed my butt while making out. We do have deep, meaningful conversations so our relationship isnt physical. But, I know he wants more. Not sex, but as far as possible. I'm not sure if I should...

do not let yourself be convinced to do something that you are not fully comfortable with!!

It is YOUR choice and should NOT be influenced by someone else’s decisions.

Just because he is ready it does not mean that you have to be,give yourself time.I promise one day you will wake up and just know that it is time.One day it will all fall into place.And if you have to think so much about it now then it means that you are not ready.

Let me know,



Dec 13 '13

Anonymous asked:

I have a crush on my boyfriend's best friend. My boyfriend loves me so much and even i am in love with him. We have future plans and all. But the problem is when all of us went out..his best friend and i ended up kissing..we did it like three times three different times. My boyfriend knows this. When he came to know about the latest one..he asked me not to talk to his friend anymore..but i am not able to do it. Should i really stop talking. I am over the crush i had on him. Now i see him just as

see him as what?

I think the message got cut off.

I do think if you have such strong feelings for the best friend.You should be with him instead.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is let them go.If you know he can find someone out there who is FULLY committed to him then let him go.And find someone YOU can be fully committed to.Because you both deserve a relationship like that.

Good Luck



Dec 13 '13

Hey Followers,

Its fyimconfused again,

I just wanted to say that i am BACK.

And for good.

I am sorry that I left for so long.Its just ALOT was going on in my life….And I really felt that I was personally just not in the state of mind to be giving people advice.

And another thing! Sometimes its hard to sit there and give people advice all day yet be sent hateful messages 90% of the time.

Just so you all know, i try my best.And I am sorry if I misspell things or do not give the best advice.If you ask, i give advice and it is YOUR choice whether you would like to listen to it or not.

Take my advice, or don’t.It is your choice.

Im glad I am back, and i hope you all missed me as much as I missed you



Dec 13 '13

imagine-manda asked:

Your blog is lovely (:

thank you!

Apr 29 '12
"Want a Happy ending?That depends on were you stop your story of course!"
Apr 29 '12

Anonymous asked:

why do i still like this one guy? everyone keeps telling me ive liked him forever

isnt that a question you should be asking yourself?

for you are the only person who can answer that.



Feb 18 '12


Bari Leigh-Dumb

More bari news just like i promised!

Feb 15 '12

Anonymous asked:

Where's your submit box?

it should be in the top corner!